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I remember going to him (Richard England) and saying, “You know, how come you don’t give me any parts?” I did Raymonda and a couple of other nice parts, but mostly he was giving a lot of parts to the other girls. He said, “Those girls are short and they’re not going to get into ABT, but I think you are going to get into ABT. I think you’re going dance later, so I’m not worried about you.”
Susan Jaffe (via thedancersblog)
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The way things have changed

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I don’t get how babies can cry at restaurants lol like nigga why you cryin there’s food around you rejoice

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THROWDOWN: Sascha Radetsky may have taken his final bows with the ABT last week, but we will forever remember the time he got into a dance-off with Ethan Stiefel in what is only one of the GREATEST DANCE MOVIES OF ALL TIME, Center Stage.

Forever remember one of the best scenes ever

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rock star // hannah montana

i’m unusual, not so typical
way too smart to be waiting around
tai chi practicing, snowboard champion
i can fix the flat on your car
i might even be a rock star

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we’re on omegle with a hot guy and mia farted really loud and said “if you can’t handle me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best”

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If you have found
a lover
in hunger,
know she will keep you.
She will ravage your body,
she will devour your mind.
is not the cure
for the skipping heart.
She will try
to convince you that
you are floating
as you taste water
in your lungs.
Michelle K., To the Girls Who Want to be Hungry. (via michellekpoems)